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Every Thursday of the month during December 2011, January 2012, February 2012
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My Programs and Playlists for December 2011 
                                                  ARTIST/Track/Album/Label      * = Australian
Thu 1/12/11 "Primetime Jazz" 7pm - 9pm "Mainstream - Something Old & New"
1) CONCERT GEBOUW JAZZ ORCH/Cookin' With Lonnie/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-01
2) CONCERT GEBOUW JAZZ ORCH/I've Got Rhythm-Oleo/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-01
3) CHRISTIAN Mc BRIDE & INSIDE STRAIGHT/Used 'Ta Could/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-01
4) CHRISTIAN Mc BRIDE & INSIDE STRAIGHT/Uncle James/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-01
5) THE PLOCTONES/Muchacho/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-01
6) MARY LOUISE KNUTSON/Bernie's Tune/In The Bubble/Meridian Jazz
7) YOTAM/Falando de Amor/Brasil/Jazz Legacy
8 ) DOUGH MUNRO & LA POMPE ATTACK/Sleigh Ride/A Very Gypsy Chistmas/GMR
9) HOLLI ROSS/Elegy/You'll See/Miles High Rec
10) LARRY VUCKOVICH & SCOTT HAMILTON/What Will I Tel My Heart?/Somethin' Special/Tetrachord
11) ALAN PASQUA/Funkalerro/Twin Bill/BFM Jazz
12) MICHAEL PEDICIN/Few Moments/Ballads...Searching For Peace/the jazz hut

Thu 8/12/11 "Primetime Jazz" 7pm - 8pm "Mainstream - Something Old & New" 
1) DEE DEE BRIDGEWATER/A Foggy Day/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-02
2) DEE DEE BRIDGEWATER/God Bless The Child/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-02
3) EUROPEAN JAZZ ORCH/Catch Da Buzz/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-02
4) EUROPEAN JAZZ ORCH/Love You Madly/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-02
5) EUROPEAN JAZZ ORCH/Sentimental Journey/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-02
6) MICHAEL MOORE'S FRAGILE QUARTET/It Might As Well Be Spring/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-02

Fri 9/12/11 "Primetime Jazz" 7 pm - 9 pm "What Is New - Contemporary jazz"
1) MY GOODNESS McGUINESS!*/Miss Gradenko/Insular Peninsular/Rufus
2) TOM O'HALLORAN & GRAHAM WOOD*/Dolphin Dance/Piano Perspective 2011/JazzWA
3) TOM O'HALLORAN*/Zee Zee For J.Z./We Happy Few/JazzGroove
4) NIKLAS WINTER/Downhill/Beautopia/ABOVOICE
5) JOONA TOIVANEN/Shades of Gray/At My Side/CamJazz
6) ADRIAN CUNNINGHAM*/Oasis/Walkabout/NewMarket
7) ROBERT KUSIOLEK/Chapter 6/Nuntium/Multikulti
8 ) RICK CUTLER/Chopin/Sanctuaries/NewDude Rec
9) ANDREW DICKESON QUINTET*/Soy Califa/Weaver Of Dreams/Rufus
10) JASON KAO HWANG/One Day/Crossroads Unseen/Euonymus
11) MoE*/Serbia/Memory of Elements/JazzHead
12) BERN McGANN*/Eulogy For A Friend/Samurai Spirit/Rufus
13) BOB BERTLES QUINTET*/Lapis Lazuli/Samurai Spirit/Rufus
14) JUDY BAILEY SEPTET*/The Calling/Judy Baily..Jazz Legend/ABC

Thu 15/12/11 "Primetime Jazz" 7pm - 8pm "Mainstream - Something Old & New" 
1) HAROLD LOPEZ-NUSSA/Bailando Suiza/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-03
2) HAROLD LOPEZ-NUSSA/Momo/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-03
3) HAROLD LOPEZ-NUSSA/Pa'Philippe/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-03
4) BRUSSELS JAZZ ORCH/Signs & Signatures/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-03
5) BRUSSELS JAZZ ORCH/Alone at Last/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-03
6) BRUSSELS JAZZ ORCH/Warp/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-03
7) JUNGLE BOLDIE/Beirut/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-03

Tue 20/12/11 "Jazz on The Terrace" Noon - 1pm "Jazz at Noon Light & Cool"
1) BAPPI LAHIRI/City of Joy/Walking On Love Street/Planet LA Records
2) E.S.P./ECM Nouveau/Reach/Spider Records
3) HOLLI ROSS/Lucky To Be Me/You'll See../Miles High Records
4) GELBER & MANNING/Rose Room/Moonlight Picnic/Lucky Records
5) DOUGH MUNRO & LA POMPE ATTACK/Have Yourself a Merry Little Xmas/A Very Gypsy Xmas/GMR
6) BEATA PATER/Blue in Green/Blue/B&B Records
7) GEORGE CARROLL JAZZ QUARTET/If I Love Again/Boston Creme/Independent
8 ) CHRIS DAVIS/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/This Christmas/Bunny Jams Records
9) RICHIE KAYE/Tiny Capers/Music & Mirth/Classic American Jazz
10) GIACOMO GATES/Legend In His Own Mind/The Revolution Will Be Jazz/Savant
11) ELISABETH LOHNINGER BAND/Stille Nacht/Christmas In July/Jazzsick Records

Thu 22/12/11 "Primetime Jazz" 7pm - 8pm "Mainstream - Something Old & New" 
1) JEFF 'TAIN' WATTS TRIO/Mister J.J./European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-04
2) JEFF 'TAIN' WATTS TRIO/Chance/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-04
3) GRETCHEN PARLATO/Butterfly/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-04
4) GRETCHEN PARLATO/Doralice/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-04
5) GRETCHEN PARLATO/I Can't Help It/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-04
6) ARTVARK SAXOPHONE QUARTET/Pik/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-04
7) ARTVARK SAXOPHONE QUARTET/Jesus be a Fence/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-04

Wed 28/12/11 "Primetime Jazz" 7pm- 9pm"Mainstream - Swing & Big band" 
2) TEMPEST "LITTLE BIG BAND"/Shiny Stockings/Round Midnight/Tempest Jazz
3) RAY BROWN'S GREAT BIG BAND/Moment's Notice/Kayak/Brown Cats prodns
4) RICKY-TICK BIG BAND/Friday Fashion/Ricky-Tick Big Band/Ricky Tick Rec
5) JOHN DAVERSA BIG BAND/Most of All/Junk Wagon/BFM Jazz
6) GEORGE CARROLL BIG BAND/Jeanine/Life is Great/Independent
7) RANDY BRECKER & DR BIG BAND/Goldfinger/The Jazz Ballad Song Book/Red Dot Music
8 ) WDR BIG BAND/Sketches part 4/Sketches/ACT Music
9) ANTHONY BROWN'S ASIAN AMERICAN ORCH/Misterioso/Monk's Mood/Water Baby
10) JAZZ LINK ENSEMBLE/Afro-Centric/The Drive/Jazz Institute of Chicago
11) JUDY BAILEY'S "JAZZ CONNECTION"*/Remembering Basie/Judy Bailey..Jazz Legend/ABC
12) THE DUTCH JAZZ ORCH/Moon River/Strayhorn & Standards/RNW
13) WESTCHESTER JAZZ ORCH/Prologue/Maiden Voyage Suite/WJO Productions
14) WESTCHESTER JAZZ ORCH/Maiden Voyage/Maiden Voyage Suite/WJO Productions
15) STAN KENTON ORCH.1946/Concerto To End All Concertos prt 1 & 2/Artistry In Rhythm/PrismLeisure
16) STAN KENTON ORCH.1947/Metronome Riff/Artistry In Rhythm/PrismLeisure

Thu 29/12/11 "Primetime Jazz" 7pm - 8pm "Mainstream - Something Old & New" 
1) MARCUS MILLER(Tutu Revisited/Splatch/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-05
2) MARCUS MILLER(Tutu Revisited/Jean Pierre-In A Sentimental Mood/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-05
3) METROPOLE ORCH/Goodbye Porkpie Hat/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-05
4) METROPOLE ORCH/Moanin'/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-05
5) GATECRASH/Lawine/European Jazz Stage 2011/RNW 2011-05

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