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Lucky Peterson, Herbert Harper's Free Press News (Black Midnight Sun) 2003
Otis Taylor, Long Long Life (Definition of a Circle) 2006
Omar Sosa, Afreecanos West (Promise) 2007
CéU, Concrete Jungle (CéU) 2007
Ramiro Musotto, Gwyra Mi (Civilizacao & Barbarye) 2006

Kris Delmhors, You're No Train (Songs for a Hurricane) 2007
Alan Bern, Music for Fish (Triophilia) 2010
Robin Holcomb, title (The Big Time) 2004
Jeff Gauthier, Things Past (Open Source) 2011
Bethany Yarrow & Rufus Cappadocia, No More Songs (900 Miles) 2006

Mary Lou Williams, Love Roots (My Mama Pinned A Rose On Me)
The Prism Quartet, Mission Implausible (Real Standard Time) 2000
Anthony Wilson, Valsacatu (Campo Belo) 2011
Karrin Allyson, There's No Such Thing As Love ('Round Midnight) 2011
Tara Fuki, Widze Widze (Piosenki Do Snu) 2001
Tara Fuki, Cichy Placz (Kapka) 2003

Booker Little, Victory And Sorrow (Booker Little And Friend) 1961
Sophie Milman, Speak Low (In The Moonlight) 2011
D.D. Jackson, First Invocation (Suite For New York) 2003
Geof Bradfield, title (Urban Nomad) 2008
Rochelle House, Come On Boy Put Your Shoes On (Water) 2008
Misha Alperin, Frozen Tears (Her First Dance) 2008

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