[JPL] 2012 centennials of note

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Thu Jan 5 00:29:32 EST 2012

Kenton was born on Dec. 15, 2011. His centennial just passed, but sadly  
seems to have been ignored by most radio programmers. Tom Reney of WFCR did a  
very nice tribute (and blog entry).
For many years, it was thought Kenton was born on Feb. 19, 1912, but  that 
was incorrect; that was a date of convenience, owing to the fact that  at 
the time of his actual birth, his parents had not yet been married for 9  
months. The correct date was only discovered some 40 or 50 years later when he  
was applying for a passport for a trip to Europe.
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Just a  start -

Trummy Young, George T. Simon, Bob Zurke, Franz Jackson, Tyree  Glenn,
Marshall Royal, John Levy, Stan  Kenton

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