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Coincidentally from the latest DMG newsletter:

SUN RA & His SOLAR ARKESTRA - Wake Up Angels - Live At The Ann Arbor
Blues & Jazz Festival 1972-1973-1974: Life Is Splendid/Outer Space
Employment Agency/It Is Forbidden [2 CD set] (Art Yard CD12; UK)
"Recorded live at the Ann Arbor Blues And Jazz Festival 1972-73-74.
The classic big band with a full complement of singers. Tracks 1-10
"Life Is Splendid" (Solar-Myth Arkestra, 1972) feature the great
Space is the Place Suite. After the first few minutes the sound is
surprisingly good with great drums throughout; crystal clear.
Presence and excitement are well captured, along with some blistering
Ra electronics and the crowd cheering everyone on. A bass solo even:
rare event. Tracks 11-18 "Outer Space Employment Agency"
(Intergalactic Arkestra, 1973) roll straight on winding up with the
long declamatory, dramaturgical, chant that gives this package its
title. Disc 3, "It Is Forbidden", a title based on the Festival being
tossed out of Ann Arbor, is the 1974 (Intergalactic Arkestra) concert
in its entirety (though still not from the multi-tracks that
recordist Chuck Buchanan disappeared with). Extensive notes by
Michigan musician/poet/counterculturalist John Sinclair, whose label
Total Energy first released these concerts as three separate CDs more
than a decade ago, now newly remastered - and unlike those previous
releases, thihs is fully indexed for you player, and includes some
material not on the original releases!
"Extreme recommendation! Some of the most wonderful Sun Ra concerts
you'll ever hear - not that there's a derth of that. Googolplex
THUMBS UP!" MannyLunch
2 CD set for $26

There's also the Horo release "Other Voices Other Blues", great Italian
small group release and the oddball Arkestra collaboration with the Blues
Project (Sun Ra and Al Kooper!) on Batman and Robin ... N

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