[JPL] 2012 JazzWeek & Detroit Jazz Festival

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Count me in, Dr.!
Happy New Year to all!

Warm wishes,

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THIS WEEK'S SPONSOR: The JazzWeek relaunch -- JazzWeek 2.0 -- crowdfunding
project has launched. Visit http://www.indiegogo.com/jazzweek for more
information. Become part of the solution.


I'm trying to get a handle on how many people will stay over for the
Detroit Jazz Fest in September.  So...

1.  Do you plan on attending the 2012 JazzWeek in Detroit (Aug 30 & 31)?

2.  Do you plan on staying for the Detroit Jazz Fest (Aug 31-September 3)?


Dr. Jazz
Dr. Jazz Operations
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Oak Park, MI  48237
(248) 542-7888
SKYPE:  drjazz99


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