[JPL] Gracenote Launches Interactive TV Platform

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Gracenote Launches Interactive TV Platform

Gracenote Entourage^(TM) Enables Electronics Manufacturers, Content 
Distributors and Developers to Deliver Interactive Video Solutions

2012 --Gracenote® is transforming the interactive TV experience for 
viewers with the launch of Gracenote Entourage^(TM), an Automatic 
Content Recognition (ACR) platform. Gracenote Entourage will enable 
electronics manufacturers, content distributors and developers to turn 
the TV watching experience into a vehicle to generate revenue and build 
direct and engaging relationships with viewing audiences.

"The era of simply sitting on the couch and watching TV is over. 
Gracenote is enabling a dramatic transformation for TV as we know it -- 
taking it from a passive experience to one in which a whole new world of 
search and discovery is available from a variety of sources," said 
Stephen White, president of Gracenote. "This will give viewing audiences 
new and exciting ways to engage in the TV experience, while providing 
content owners, CE device makers, and application developers ways to 
drive new revenue."

At its core, Gracenote Entourage features audio fingerprinting 
technology that allows smart phones and tablets to instantly and 
automatically identify movies, TV programs and music in real time by 
simply "listening" to short sound clips. Then, Gracenote Entourage 
unlocks data from the Gracenote database to create paths for TV viewers 
to explore related content, such as actor filmographies and advertising 
brands, and link to on-demand services to purchase, stream and download 
content that intrigues them.

Gracenote Entourage can be featured on mobile devices or integrated 
directly into Smart TVs to let viewers identify content from any source 
playing on-screen, whether it is coming from their cable box or 
streaming from an on-demand service. This creates opportunities for TV 
manufacturers to connect viewers to related programs and help them 
discover movies and TV shows from on-demand sources built into the Smart TV.

Gracenote Entourage is a fully hosted solution that leverages 
Gracenote's network infrastructure and rich set of global data, 
including descriptions of more than 130 million songs as well as 
filmmaker and cast bios for movies, TV listings, and Album and Movie 
Cover Art which power the world's leading music and video products - 
from Apple iTunes and HTC smart phones to Ford Sync and Sony BRAVIA TVs.

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