[JPL] Christian Scott

Jae Sinnett jaejazz at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 10 22:38:51 EST 2012

In a recent interview is Christian Scott...not the first time I've heard this from him... talking about how he doesn't consider himself playing jazz. Dissing it in my view...like it's the bastard child and he wants little connection with the word. Hmmmm...then why does his company service "jazz" radio his product? After all he's getting great airplay on non jazz formats isn't he? Insert sarcasm here. Isn't that kind of biting the proverbial hand that's feeding him? Why not send his releases to Clear Channel stations...since in his coconut he's not playing jazz... and see what kind of play he'll get there? Doesn't matter if he likes it or not jazz radio helped to put him on the map...albeit a small one. Many of these musicians stating they're not playing jazz...I bet love it when jazz radio is playing their music. 
Jae Sinnett

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