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First of all, Love this discussion Jae Sinnett began.  Thanks for the post.

Duke Ellington was one of those voices that wanted to call jazz something other than jazz.  I think he wanted to call it American Negro Music or African American Music, the exact wording escapes me in this moment.  Gary Bartz doesn't like the name jazz.  Nicholas Payton calls it Black American Music (BAM).  I understand the musicians yearning to not compartmentalize this music.  It is a problem because of all the shades of grey that blend it from R & B to sacred to rock or whatever.  Getting rid of the jazz label would give programmers more latitude to program this music.  It is the codification that put limits on how the artist creates.  It also limits the amount of audience we can gain.   To be boxed in a Jazz compartment means people are only listening for a certain sound that has been codified as "jazz" and does not help to foster the creation of new sounds.  Part of the gist of my show The Roots of Smooth (which is NOT smooth jazz BTW) is to pull all of the genres regardless of what they are out of the box they are normally found in.  I'm focusing on "jazz musicians" and revealing all of their influences because they are much more than just "jazz" musicians.  The finest creative artists have jumped into many boxes and cross pollinated all of them.  The Duke, Miles, Chick, Herbie, Wayne, Branford are one name games because their body of work transcends the "jazz mode."  They are known by more than just "jazz" people.  They are a homogeny of all their experiences on and off the bandstand.  "Jazz" is a wall, it is a barrier that Nick and Christian are trying to knock down.  Nicholas Payton is from  New Orleans.  He comes from the melting pot of many different music which most of are created by African Americans.  So does Christian Scott for that matter.  I think Nicholas is dead on with his thinking.  I applaud him for standing up.  I like BAM!!!  BAM!  BAM!!  I love BAM....  Yes, they are jazz musicians but they are much more.  They are musicians.  And so is Jae Sinnett.  Whoever came up with jazz put a limit on the sky.    

BAM yesterday, today and tomorrow.  We all love it!!  That's why we're here...

Bobby Jackson
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> Jazz Radio got into this with Al Di Meola music years ago and his airplay dried up.  Maybe that should happen when artists don't want to be associated with Jazz.There certainly is not a shortage of trumpet players out there for us to play.  ALOHA  Tom
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