[JPL] Christian Scott & playing jazz

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But these are the artist that the music industry is making money with. So why crowd the field ?

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So, we go round and round on the question. One spoke of the wheel, conjured 
 by Bobby Jackson's post below, leads to this question: if I am surfing to  
find interesting jazz trumpeters, and google it just that way (jazz 
trumpet),  would Christian Scott not want his name to surface in the search? 
he be just as happy if my search produced, say, just Chris Botti,  Wayne 
Bergeron, Seamus Blake, Wynton Marsalis, and Nicholas Payton?
Rhetorical question, I know.
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The  recording industry is the problem.  To say it will never happen may 
not  be entirely true.  The internet is leveling the playing field and  
usurping much of the power of the industry.  It is putting more power  into the 
hands of the people who create the music.  Live long enough and  continue to 
see the  evolution.....


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