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I don't quite understand the response. If I, as a customer, fan, or  
programmer, am looking for interesting music, and my focus is jazz (such that I  
include "jazz" among my search terms), are you suggesting that Christian 
Scott  would not want to be included because there are already other trumpeters 
in the  jazz category?
I know that categorization is unfortunate. If I am not misquoting an  
unfavorite of mine, Kenny G, I believe he doesn't consider himself a jazz  
musician, either, but he recognizes and accepts the fact that record labels and  
record stores (remember them) and Internet merchants do need to put him in 
some  slot. And, why not jazz?
(I understand that as Kenneth Gorelick, he was a good jazz  player and 
improviser before he went off on his pop tangent).
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But these  are the artist that the music industry is making money with. So 
why crowd the  field ?

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 So, we go round and round on the question. One spoke of the wheel, 
  by Bobby Jackson's post below, leads to this question: if I am surfing to 
 find interesting jazz trumpeters, and google it just that way (jazz 
 trumpet),  would Christian Scott not want his name to surface in the 
 he be just as happy if my search produced, say, just Chris Botti,  Wayne 
 Bergeron, Seamus Blake, Wynton Marsalis, and Nicholas Payton?
 Rhetorical question, I know.

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