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JANUARY 19, 2012

Hello friends!

Poetry Reading Canceled: Unfortunately, some unsavory labor practices 
have come to light at The Green Fig Cafe, where I was planning to host 
my new poetry series. As a former union organizer and a person who cares 
about how workers are treated, I can't in good conscience run a series 
at the Fig. Stay tuned for a new location. (Suggestions welcomed.)

New Poem: However, my writing of poetry continues. I went twice to see 
the “Sweet Violence” exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. 
The second time, I wrote a poem about it:

Collaboration With JazzDIY: Although I no longer have enough free time 
to be a permanent staff member at JazzDIY, I'm excited to work with them 
on building a better environment for the business of jazz. Each month, 
we're going to feature a video interview and an audio interview with the 
same artist – one focused on the business and one on the music. The 
video will be at JazzDIY.com and the audio will be on The Jazz Session. 
We did a trial run with Search & Restore's Adam Schatz last year. Our 
first official collaboration will be a dual interview with Matt Wilson, 
which will be posted this coming Monday.

MLK Day: Last Monday was the U.S. observance of Martin Luther King Jr.'s 
birthday. In 2010, I made an erasure poem based on his “Beyond Vietnam” 
speech. The audio and a PDF are here: http://bit.ly/mTscjr

The Jazz Session is member-supported, so if you like what you hear, 
please join. Right now there's a special offer for new members at the 
middle and top levels (monthly or yearly). The next two people to join 
at one of those levels with receive Anthony Wilson's DVD/CD set Seasons. 
Join now at http://thejazzsession.com/join

Peace, love and jazz,


This week on The Jazz Session:

TJS #338: Barry Altschul. Drummer Barry Altschul’s latest CD is History 
Of Jazz In Reverse (TUM, 2011) with the FAB Trio featuring Joe Fonda and 
Billy Bang. In this interview, Altschul talks about growing up in the 
South Bronx; his roots in the tradition and how he uses them even when 
playing “free”; and how he achieves a personal sound on the drums. 
LISTEN: http://bit.ly/xTHdS8

TJS #339: Armen Donelian. Pianist Armen Donelian’s new CD is Leapfrog 
(Sunnyside Records, 2011). In this interview, Donelian talks about his 
approach to playing the piano and his philosophy of music; his years 
with Mongo Santamaria and Sonny Rollins; and his other career as an 
educator. LISTEN: http://bit.ly/zGmXcA

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