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Mon Jan 23 08:42:22 EST 2012

*Following is the log for the next JAZZ AMERICA program from the Voice of America, heard by a potental audience of 134 million listeners each weekend on the entertainment service MusicMix, and on the worldwide VOA service via shortwave transmission. 
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Jazz America with Russ Davis

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JAZZ AMERICA...SHOW #1309…28-29 JANUARY 2012

VON FREEMAN.…hard hittin’ (the great divide)

HERBIE HANCOCK…call it ‘95  (dis is da drum)

* Jack DeJohnette Interview

JACK DEJOHNETTE…sonny light (sound travels)

RAMSEY LEWIS…sun goddess (sun goddess)

SHELIA JORDAN…shelia’s blues (winter sunshine)

COREA, CLARKE & WHITE…renaissance (forever)

* Jack DeJohnette Interview

JACK DEJOHNETTE…new muse (sound travels)

CHARLES LLOYD…majorca (waves)


JAZZ AMERICA...SHOW #1310...28-29 JANUARY 2012

CHARLIE HADEN/SHIRLEY HORN…the folks who live on the hill (the art of the song)

GERALD WILSON…milestones (new york new sound)

* Jack DeJohnette Interview

JACK DEJOHNETTE…salsa for luisito (sound travels)

CHICO HAMILTON…jim still thirsty-remix (the alternative dimensions of el chico)

RANDY WESTON…fly hi (the storyteller)

* Jack DeJohnette Interview

JACK DEJOHNETTE…dirty ground (sound travels)

SONNY ROLLINS…the moon of manakoora (this is what I do)


Next Week…SHOWS #1311-1312...4-5 FEBRUARY 2012


Join Russ Davis as he again takes you backstage at the New York City jazz club The Blue Note

to talk to Jack DeJohnette, the great drummer, pianist, bandleader and new NEA Jazz Master.

In part two of our conversation with Jack we’ll focus on his work with his fellow stars of jazz including Miles Davis, Pat Metheny, John McLaughlin, Wayne Shorter, Bill Frisell and others.


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