[JPL] playlist: New Edge 1/24/12

Ken Field ken at kenfield.org
Wed Jan 25 18:01:45 EST 2012

Here is the playlist for Show #378, the 1/24/12 
edition of The New Edge, a two hour radio program 
Tue 2-4pm on WMBR http://www.wmbr.org & 88.1FM in Cambridge/Boston, MA, and
Fri 1-3am, Fri 2-4pm, Sun 6-8pm, Tue 2-4am, & Wed 
8-10am on http://taintradio.org

The New Edge is devoted to creative and innovative instrumental music.

Complete playlists are available at http://wmbr.org/newedge

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Compagnie Christian Vieussens/Noche en Vela/CIRMA/Arc 96
Sanmi/Improvisations/Bigo & Twigetti/Aqua
Leah Kardos/Feather Hammer/Bigo & Twigetti/Dura Mater
Leah Kardos/Feather Hammer/Bigo & Twigetti/Concentrate, You
Neil Haverstick/Hide & Seek/Stickman/Wolf
Michael Cain/Solo/Native Drum/Gerald
Stephan Micus/Music Of Stones/ECM/Part 3: Tin Whistle, 3 Stone Chimes
Stephan Micus/Music Of Stones/ECM/Part 4: Solo For 3 Resonating Stones
Nik Bärtsch's Ronin/Llyrìa/ECM/Modul 48
Marilyn Mazur & Jan Garbarek/Elixir/ECM/Talking Wind
Marilyn Mazur & Jan Garbarek/Elixir/ECM/Totem Dance
Little Bang/Boom/Vivacious/Flower
Little Bang/Boom/Vivacious/Confidencio
Alexander Knaifel/Amicta Sole/ECM/Knaifel: Psalm 51 (50) For Cello Solo
Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, et al/The Goat Rodeo 
Sessions/Sony/Quarter Chicken Dark
Jon Balke, Amina Alaoui, Jon Hassell, et al/Siwan/ECM/Itimad
Jon Balke, Amina Alaoui, Jon Hassell, at al/Siwan/ECM/Zahori
Ken Field   http://kenfield.org
The New Edge
3 Ames St
Cambridge MA 02142  USA

Tuesday afternoon 2-4pm Eastern Time
newedge at wmbr.org

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