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Scott Colley w/Brian Blade-Ralph Alessi-Bill Frisell, January (Empire) 2010
Roswell Rudd, Dame la Mano (The Incredible Honk) 2011
Ry Cooder, Simple Tools (Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down) 2011
The Dave Shank Quintet, At Ease (Soundproof) 2011
Darren Johnston, Be the Frog (The Edge of the Forest) 2009

Greg Spero, Universe (Acoustic) 2011
Guillermo Klein, Va Roman (Filtros) 2008
Hank Roberts, Trees (Green) 2008
Other Dimensions In Music w/Fay Victor-Daniel Carter-Wm. Parker-Roy
Campbell-Chas. Downs, Maryanne Revisited (Kaiso Stories) 2011

Carrie Rodriguez w/Bill Frisell, I Made a Lover's Prayer (Love and
Circumstance) 2010
Keith Jarrett, Rio Part XIII (Rio) 2011
Sam Rivers &Tony Hymas, Vendredi 22 septembre 1984 [Respise] (Eight Day
Journal) 2008
Jim Black-Trevor Dunn-Oscar Noriega-Chris Speed, K (Endangered Blood) 2011
Phillip Johnston, Minor Repairs Necessary: Cliffs  (...Rub Me the Wrong
Carla Kihlstedt, Trampolina (Two Foot Yard) 2003

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