[JPL] On The Jazz Session: Matt Wilson & Bob Reynolds! And a new partnership with JazzDIY

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Thu Jan 26 12:54:05 EST 2012

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Jan. 26, 2012

Hello friends!

No Poetry Event Tonight: A reminder that I canceled the scheduled poetry 
event at the Green Fig Cafe in Brooklyn because of their very sketchy 
labor practices. Watch this space for news of a new venue.

The Jazz Session Widget: Thanks to David Rosam for installing the show's 
widget on his site: http://www.dangerous-thinking.com/. You can get the 
widget here: http://bit.ly/o4LjvZ. If you add it to your site, please 
let me know and I'll mention you in this newsletter.

New Members: A big "thank you!" to Brion Shapiro and Ryan Meagher for 
becoming members. I couldn't do it without you! (And by "it" I mean 
sleep indoors and eat.)

Special Membership Offer: The Jazz Session is member-supported, so if 
you like what you hear, please join. The next two people who join at the 
middle or top level (yearly or monthly) will receive guitarist Anthony 
Wilson's new DVD/CD set Seasons. This set captures a unique live 
performance by Wilson along with Steve Cardenas, Julian Lage and Chico 
Pinheiro, performing on a quartet of custom guitars built by John 
Monteleone. http://thejazzsession.com/join

Peace, love and jazz,



TJS #340: Matt Wilson. Drummer Matt Wilson’s new album with his band 
Arts & Crafts is An Attitude For Gratitude (Palmetto Records, 2012). In 
this interview, Wilson talks about the inclusive approach of the band; 
why he likes the word “allow”; and how a difficult year for his family 
helped him put things in perspective and brought the idea of gratitude 
into focus. LISTEN: http://bit.ly/xM6s0Y

NOTE: This interview is part of a new monthly collaboration with 
JazzDIY, the online journal for the 21st century jazz musician. Visit 
JazzDIY.com to see a with Matt Wilson in which he talks about the 
business of music. http://bit.ly/z5aDzZ

TJS #341: Bob Reynolds. Saxophonist Bob Reynolds’ most recent album is A 
Live Life (2011) and he’s currently working on his forthcoming studio 
album. Reynolds is perhaps best known for his work with rock musician 
John Mayer. In this interview, Reynolds talks about the importance of 
good time (in the musical sense); how he’s learned to bring an audience 
along for the ride; and about his video lesson service. LISTEN: 


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