[JPL] Hi, it's Dot Wilder....I'm CANCER-FREE, officially according to newest PET scan!

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Fri Jan 27 21:35:09 EST 2012

Congrats on the news of your health --- there's nothing greater than that!!!


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> To all you lovely, jazz supporters, family/friends! Thanks, again for all
> your kind words, loving support, prayers, positive thoughts, etc. I
> couldn't have done it without you!! Of course, my Radiation Oncologist,
> Oncologist and Urologist and their marvelous staffs, were such a great team
> and treated me so well and made sure those cancer cells decided to leave my
> very healthy premises!!
> Hey, just found out a couple of weeks ago that I'm CANCER-FREE via PET
> scan. I was cancer-free in July (via PET Scan and biopsies), but Oncologist
> Doc's program is to chemo/rad/chemo. So even though after chemo/rad I was
> cancer-free, we still continued the chemo for 2 mths. It's called a "for
> good measure" treatment. PET scans show only .5cm cancer cells and larger,
> nothing smaller...so....the extra chemo takes care of the smaller cancer
> cells that may be hiding. ;)
> No more chemo/radiation! YAY!! I'm calling it "Dot's Healing Year" YAHOO!!
> And having my real hair back!!
> All last year, even while receiving chemo/radiation treatments, I was
> still exercising (very good for you), eating healthy (esp great for you),
> seeing as many family/friends as possible and, performing as much as I
> could. Did many private/public/educational gigs and enjoyed every one. As
> my dear friend/jazz musician/educator/, Bill Prince, said, "Music is the
> best medicine"...I so agree! Also, I loved getting together with Lisa
> Kelly, jazz vocalist/educator/mentor, who is a 2001 "Cancer Conqueror" who
> was so positive that I'd be okay and shared her experiences that helped me
> understand mine. Thanks to Bill, Lisa and all my dear loved ones, and so
> many of you,  who made my conquering possible! YOU ALL ROCK!!
> I'm Ready, Set, Go in the new year and ready to perform as often as
> possible in the year of 2012. I'm so excited about 2012! Hope you are, too!
> Take care and my best to you all!
> Do
> Dot Wilder
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