[JPL] Jazz Bakery To Build Frank Gehry-Designed Home

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Tue Jan 31 20:31:31 EST 2012

The City Council approved Monday night a commitment letter that will 
allow the Jazz Bakery to build a 250-seat venue adjacent to the Kirk 
Douglas Theatre.

The City Council unanimously approved Monday night a commitment letter 
submitted by the Jazz Bakery on Jan. 13 that will allow the non-profit 
organization to build a 250-seat theatre at the Paskin site at 9184 
Washington Blvd., adjacent to the Kirk Douglas Theatre.

The property will be designed by Frank Gehry and alongside the 250-seat 
theatre, the agreement also includes a ground level lobby, a jazz 
museum, a black box performance area, a bakery/café with outdoor dining, 
rehearsal studios, community meeting rooms and a roof top deck. The 
project will also be LEED certified and will comply with green building 

The decision was made to avoid the property reverting back to the state, 
following the abolition of redevelopment agencies on Feb. 1.

As per the terms of the agreement, The Jazz Bakery will ostensibly 
receive the site for free, through a disposition and development 
agreement with the City.  However, the cost of building the project is 
estimated at $10.2 million, which will be paid in part with a $2 million 
grant the Jazz Bakery received from the Annenberg Foundation.

The Jazz bakery estimates it will put on around 250 shows per year and 
charge charge around $35 per ticket.

The commitment letter also states that the bakery will have to provide 
off street parking or pay in excess of $2 million dollars of in lieu 
parking fees to the city.

Councilmembers said they were happy to support the agreement.

"The opportunity to take the Paskin property and turn it into The Jazz 
Bakery is an incredible opportunity," Councilmember Andrew Weissman 
said, adding that he hoped the state would allow the project to move 

Richard Posell - who is on the Jazz Bakery Board of Directors -- stated 
during public comment, "We hope that [Gov.] Jerry Brown likes jazz."

Councilmember Jeffrey Cooper said he was pleased that Frank Gehry would 
be designing the building. "We have a great cultural area with a pretty 
iconic figure," he said, "which will bring attention to our city in a 
good way."

Mayor Micheal O'Leary said he always thought the Paskin site "was the 
building that landed on the witch in The Wizard of Oz" and that he'd be 
sad to see it go. However, he said that now there was a good witch in 
the area.

The Jazz Bakery agreement was just one of several approved at Monday 
night's emergency meeting ahead of the abolition of the Redevelopment 

Mayor O'Leary acknowledged that the decisions may have come about faster 
than the public is used to seeing but said, "If we do nothing we risk 
these properties going back to the state and being out of our hands. We 
have vetted [each decision] as best we can. We are also residents of 
Culver City and we care about this city."


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