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Ed Trefzger ed.trefzger at jazzweek.com
Fri Jun 1 09:49:53 EDT 2012

Hi Tom,

Second question first … When Mediaguide was monitoring spins, we extended the range for currents to 39 weeks from what had been 26 weeks. Right now, I'm starting things off at 30 weeks, in part to accommodate the gap from March to now. There are a lot of CDs, for sure. Over the past few years, we've seen 600-700 CDs a year make the top 200 at any given point, and I'd estimate that there have been two to three times that many sent to radio each year. I just added a count to the currents listing and as of right now, there are 415 on the list. Stations have added about 100 or so in reporting this week.

As to the first question, you can update your playlist report right up until the deadline for that week (normally 11:59 pm on Wednesdays.)

After the deadline closes, there's a place in the admin area of the site where I can review what was submitted. I do two things there: 1) check for any odd entries (for example, an unusually high number of spins for a CD) and 2) associate any missing releases reported with the correct release in the database.

Once all of the playlists are reviewed, then the chart gets published. Normally that will happen on Thursdays, but this week probably will happen on Monday.


On Jun 1, 2012, at 9:32 AM, Tom Reney wrote:

> Hi Ed,
> I'm sending to the entire list in the event that others may be in need of this info and clarification.
> Once I've submitted my weekly playlist on JazzWeek, can I go back and add other titles that get played later in the week?
> I was surprised by how many titles were on the master list, and how far back they go.  What are the parameters, especially if I'm spinning older "new" releases that don't appear on the master?
> Thanks,
> Tom

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