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Thanks for the comments regarding Tina Brooks.  We've always enjoyed his
music, and agree that it's a sad loss for us that he had such a short

David May
Bel Air, MD

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Thought many of you might not be familiar with Tina Brooks or even 
thought it was a female.

Harold Floyd Brooks was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and was 
the brother of David "Bubba" Brooks. The nickname *"Tina"*, pronounced 
Teena, was a variation of *"Teeny"*, a childhood moniker. His favorite 
tune was "My Devotion".  Initially, he studied the C-melody saxophone, 
which he began playing the shortly after he moved to New York with his 
family in 1944. Brooks' first professional work came in 1951 with rhythm 
and blues pianist Sonny Thompson, and, in 1955, Brooks played with 
vibraphonist Lionel Hampton.  Brooks also received less formal guidance 
from trumpeter and composer "Little" Benny Harris, who led the 
saxophonist to his first recording as a leader. Harris, in fact, was the 
one who recommended him to legendary producer Alfred Lion in 1958 which 
led to Blue Note Sessions.



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