[JPL] Continuum, A Journey Through Jazz #87 - "New Jazz Grooves 2012 #2"

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Soulandjazz.com Presents: 
Continuum, A Journey Through Jazz
Episode 87: "New Jazz Grooves 2012 #2"

Welcome back to the 87th Episode of Continuum – A Journey Through Jazz! This leg of the journey is all about new jazz for 2012 . . . well, new jazz "grooves" to be specific.  A 21 song selection from the new CDs that have come my way over the past couple of months focusing on various styles of groove – masquerading under the so-called sub-genres of contemporary jazz, big band, modern jazz, acid jazz, smooth or “nu” jazz, house, chill, urban, and maybe a few others. Basically, it’s an eclectic blend of grooves – call them what you will.

Just in case you don’t particularly care for one or more of these specifics styles, songs or artist – I’m giving you two hours filled with various flavors, so you’re sure to find something to your liking!

To that end I present tracks from Kerong Chok, Brian Ho, Michael Treni Big Band, Brandon Wright, Ahmad Jamal, Snarky Puppy, Neil Cowley Trio, Quasimode, Jessica Lauren, Arparey, The Blackbyrds, Joseph Patrick Moore, Martin Denev, Jazzanova, Incognito, Funkshone, Jeff Lorber Fusion, Shilts, Greg Adams, Will Donato & The Groove Agents.

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Agape ya’ll,
J. Scott Fugate, ‘The Jazz Evangelist’


PLAYLIST:  Continuum, A Journey Through Jazz #87: "New Jazz Grooves 2012 #2"

Artist – Track – Album – Year

Kerong Chok - Free And Easy - Good Company - 2012
Brian Ho - Beat Street - Organic - 2012
Michael Treni Big Band - What Is The World Coming To? - Boy’s Night Out - 2012
Brandon Wright	 - Walk Of Shame - Journeyman - 2012
Ahmad Jamal - This Is The Life - Blue Moon - 2012
Snarky Puppy - Thing Of Gold - GroundUP - 2012
Neil Cowley Trio - Fable - The Face of Mount Molehill - 2012
Quasimode - All Is One - Four Pieces, The Best Selection - 2012
Jessica Lauren - White Mountain - Jessica Lauren Four - 2012
Arparey - Gang - Jazz & Acid Funky - 2012
The Blackbyrds - No Stopping - Gotta Fly - 2012
Joseph Patrick Moore - Xanadu - XYZ Factor - 2012
Martin Denev - Postwoman (edit) - Bamness (Martin Denev Meets Colonel Red & Other Survivors) - 2012
Jazzanova - Theme From Belle Et Fou - Funkhaus Studio Sessions With Band & Paul Randolph	 - 2012
Incognito - Thoughtful Fantasies - Surreal - 2012
Funkshone - Do What You Do - 2 - 2012
Jeff Lorber Fusion - Horace - Galaxy - 2012
Shilts - We Don’t Make The Rules - All Grown Up - 2012
Greg Adams - The Getaway - East Bay Soul 2.0 - 2012
Will Donato - Glam Slam - Universal Groove - 2012
Groove Agents - Full Moon - Buddha Jazz Bar - 2012

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