[JPL] The "Jazz Or Bust" Tour Is On! Plus: Judith Kay & Vernon Reid!

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Fri Jun 8 14:49:28 EDT 2012

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June 8, 2012

Hello friends!

On Tour: My tour started on June 1. I'm in Washington, DC, right now, 
having passed through Wilmington DE, State College PA and Shepherdstown 
WV. I'm having a blast! All my tour diaries, photos, a recording of my 
first poetry reading and non-jazz interviews are at 
http://jasoncrane.org. And of course the podcasts from the tour are 
http://thejazzsession.com. You can follow me on Twitter at @JasonDCrane. 
Next stop: Richmond VA.

Support The Tour: To donate and get cool thank-you gifts, visit 

Upcoming Poetry Readings:
~ June 12: Richmond, VA - 6 p.m. at Chop Suey Books.
~ June 17: Nashville, TN - 4 p.m. at The Jazz Cave, Nashville Jazz 
Workshop, 1319 Adams St.)
Join The Jazz Session: While I'm on tour, it'll be your memberships that 
keep me going. If you'd like to become a supporting member of the show, 
visit http://thejazzsession.com/join.

Peace, love and jazz,



TJS #378: Judith Kay. Guitarist and vocalist Judith Kay has made a 
career for herself in Arden, an artists community near Wilmington, DE. 
In this interview, Kay talks about her love of Brazilian music; her time 
studying arranging with Manny Albam; why she decided to stay in 
Delaware; and why she feels it’s important to sing the melody the way 
the composer wrote it. LISTEN: http://bit.ly/JMUMli

TJS #379: Vernon Reid. Guitarist Vernon Reid’s new album with Jack 
Bruce, John Medeski and Cindy Blackman-Santana is called Spectrum Road 
(Palmetto Records, 2012). Reid is the founder of the band Living Colour 
and of the Black Rock Coalition. He’s a skilled improviser whose history 
with jazz goes back several decades to New York’s downtown music scene. 
He’s also the co-host, with comedian W. Kamau Bell, of the Field Negro 
Guide to Arts & Culture. In this interview, Reid talks about how John 
Coltrane’s “My Favorite Things” drew him into improvised music; the 
parallel development of improvisation in rock and jazz; the dangers of 
musical influence; and the decade-long conception and making of Spectrum 
Road. LISTEN: http://bit.ly/Lbn7Om


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