[JPL] Cities that have TWO full time jazz stations

Larry Thomas lrt0393 at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 8 16:56:22 EDT 2012

There two jazz stations within 25 miles of each other which can be heard in both cities.  They are WNCU-FM, Durham, NC and WSHA-FM, Raleigh, NC.  Listeners can also pick up WFSS-FM. Fayetteville, NC, which can also be heard in Raleigh,NC.  Viva the Carolina Jazz Connection!
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> Subject: [JPL] Cities that have TWO full time jazz stations
> Happy Friday folks
> For research on an upcoming article I need to know, how many cities in the
> U.S. have 2 FULL TIME Jazz stations?
> FULL TIME would be programming jazz 40 HOURS a week or more
> Have a great weekend
> Cheers!
> DL
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