[JPL] Today's Plays

Eric Gruner eric at jazz901.org
Mon Jun 11 10:47:03 EDT 2012

Time 	Title 	Artist 	Album 	Label 	Genre/type
10:55 am 	Returning Home 	Yosvany Terry 	Today's Opinion 	Criss Cross
Jazz 	Jazz New Instrumental
10:48 am 	Ray's Collard Greens 	Steve Turre 	Delicious and Delightful
	Highnote 	Jazz Instrumental
10:44 am 	Grandpa Ted's Tune 	Taurey Butler 	self titled 	Justin Time
	Jazz New Instrumental
10:36 am 	Love Thy Neighbor 	David Liebman Nancy Reed 	Neighbors
	Vectordisc 	Jazz New Vocal
10:31 am 	Gonna Be Alright 	Abram Wilson 	Ride! Ferris Wheel To THe
Modern Day Delta 	Dune 	Jazz Instrumental
10:18 am 	Monk Medley 	Karrin Allyson 	Daydream 	Concord 	Jazz Vocal
10:07 am 	Blues Connotation 	Rich Thompson Trio 	Generations 	Origin
Records 	Jazz New Heavy
10:00 am 	I'm Just a Lucky So and So 	Stanley Turrentine 	Three of a
Kind Meets Mr T.   Minor Music 	Jazz Instrumental
09:57 am 	If I Only Had a Brain 	Spike Wilner 	La Tendresse 	Positone
	Jazz New Instrumental
09:50 am 	Soul Eyes 	Cecilia Smith Quartet 	High Standards 	Brownstone
	Jazz Instrumental
09:44 am 	Cute and Sixy 	Ulysses Owens, Jr. 	Unanimous 	Criss Cross
Jazz 	Jazz New Heavy
09:36 am 	You Must Believe in Spring 	Charlie Wood 	Lush Life 	Archer
	Jazz New Vocal
09:30 am 	Monk 	Abram Wilson 	Jazz Warrior 	Dune 	Jazz Instrumental
09:26 am 	Duke's In Bed 	Ben Webster 	Atmosphere For Lovers and
Thieves 	Black Lion 	Jazz Instrumental
09:21 am 	Place To Place 	Robi Botos 	Place To Place 	A440
Entertainment 	Jazz New Heavy
09:10 am 	It's All Right 	Jazz Soul Seven 	Impressions of Curtis
Mayfield 	Heads Up 	Jazz New Instrumental
09:01 am 	Blues Etude 	Marian Petrescu 	Thrivin' Live at The Jazz
Standard 	Resonance 	Jazz Instrumental
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