[JPL] Jazz Summit and Detroit Jazz Festival

Tom Mallison tomthejazzman at embarqmail.com
Tue Jun 12 14:34:37 EDT 2012

Below are links to many of the BIG items coming up in late summer around 
the Jazz Summit and the Detroit Jazz Festival.  Not all of the details 
are in stone yet but this will give you a glimpse of what is coming for 
advanced planing purposes.  This is just a sample and I advise you go to 
*JazzWeek.com *so you can click on the sub headings about the details 
that are curently available like the headliners at the Festival.


logo <http://www.jazzweek.com/summit/>
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  * Summit Home <http://www.jazzweek.com/summit/>
  * Schedule <http://www.jazzweek.com/summit/schedule/>
  * Register <http://www.jazzweek.com/summit/register/>
  * Hotel <http://www.jazzweek.com/summit/hotel/>
  * Detroit Jazz Festival
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    Welcome to the JazzWeek Summit 2012! August 30 and 31, Detroit, Michigan


This year's*JazzWeek Summit* moves to Detroit, just ahead of the 2012 
Detroit Jazz Festival, thelargestfree jazz festival in the world.

*Who should attend the Summit?*

Independent jazz artists; representatives of artists and recording 
labels involved in promotion, marketing, and artist relations; radio 
hosts, managers, program and music directors; and journalists.

*JazzWeek's*mission is to provide a knowledge base for promoting and 
programming jazz using new media, radio, print, the internet and other 
traditional and non-traditional avenues.

The*JazzWeek Summit*is a place to get artists, jazz radio, internet 
broadcasters, program producers, labels, management together. As with 
our past summits, we promise not to rehash the same old panel topics in 
a quick once-over-lightly session; there will be plenty of time to 
discuss and explore each topic.

*The 2012 Summit will further focus on using social media to advance 
jazz and jazz radio.*

Each year, participants have taken a lot of great information back with 
them, and put the summit's ideas into action.

If you are planning on attending,/be prepared to work/. Have no fear, 
though, there will be plenty of activities and plenty of time to play.

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