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merrillfla merrillfla at aol.com
Wed Jun 13 11:06:43 EDT 2012

Dear Listeners and Programmers / DJ's 

I am the " Oldest Programmer" on WDNA born 1933. 

I approach jazz presentations in a similar manner as our other programmer Mr. Mark Hayes but with an ingredient added on my four hour show "Jazz Party".
That ingredient is that I am fortunate to have been exposed to the music of the 30's 40's 50's in my youth.  Remembering the Great Jazz Clubs like the Royal Roost, Bop City, the original Birldland and the host of other clubs in New York is very vivid, as I was present at all of those clubs.
In  my day, we also had Big Bands featured at the different movie theaters on Broadway which featured “The Big Bands” like Tommy Dorsey, Artie Shaw and others, and of course the great vocalists of the time including "The Chairman of the Board" Mr Sinatra, Anita O'Day and others in front of those great bands. 
The popular Radio medium had the on-air personalities of Mr Symphony Sid, Fred Robbins and others around the country.; which significantly influenced me as well.

It is my hope that I can turn on some listener be it a young person or some other person who isn't familiar with Jazz who just likes what they hear; just as I did when I was introduced to the music. I play all musicians both young and old from the past and today.  I don't want to present Jazz as a Teacher or Professor and I think that getting too technical turns off many people as do 15 Minute Drum solos and Honking the same notes for five minutes.
My opinion is similar about vocalists and the song’s  lyrics. Lyrics were written to be heard and I'm not referring to Scat singing.

Therefore, in my programming, I want to give all listeners a treat not a treatment. 
If they are attracted to jazz with greater interest and want more exacting details then I say, let them buy a book for that detail.  But first:…as Mr Hayes says: "Everyone's got to try to listen with big ears and a open mind". I agree.

I say listen and enjoy the music. 
That's what it's all about. It's entertainment.   You are invited to tune in
on “Jazz Party” every Saturday.  Glad to have you.

4 PM to 8 PM ET www.wdna.org
Melodious Mel Lipton WDNA Miami

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