[JPL] Apologies for last week's attempted report

McWilliams, Robert C. radiobob at ku.edu
Wed Jun 20 01:32:43 EDT 2012

After doing my report for last week's spins tonight, I decided to click on playlists..and found out that the work I did doing last week's report must have gone for naught. I KNOW I filled out everything last week and i KNOW I hat submit report, but it must not have gone through.  Tonight, I filled it out twice, because the first time I hit submit nothing happened for 30 minutes so I did it all over again. Evidently, last week, I hit submit report and walked away from my computer assuming it had gone through, as it did the first two weeks. But evidently not.

So my apologies to all the promoters, labels, and artists who I told my reported spins to, because they didn't show up. I feel really badly for the CD that was my jazz CD of the week. Not sure what went wrong, but maybe it was like tonight, where it never actually went through. I just happened to notice it tonight because I went off to do other work and when I came back it still said subimitting report, which I when I started all over again.

Bob McWilliams

Kansas Public Radio

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