[JPL] 5 Years! 350 Shows! Jimmy Heath! Ochion Jewell! Punctuation Marks!

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Sat Mar 3 18:17:02 EST 2012

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March 3, 2012

Hello friends!

Happy Birthday: The Jazz Session celebrated five years and 350 episodes 
this week. Thanks to all of you for making it possible.

Hire Me: Anyone want to hire a charming, low-maintenance podcaster with 
good communications skills? I know one. Here's his resume: 
http://bit.ly/xX1CtF [PDF]

Weird Stuff I Made: Just came across these 4 tracks that I made last 
year with a Beep-It, soprano saxophone, pots & pans, tin whistle and 
effects. Stream them for free here: http://bit.ly/w8Be8f

New Poem: A poem inspired by pianist Myra Melford (who'll be back on the 
show in March): http://bit.ly/wRscVx

Coming Up On The Show: Amy Cervini, Ed Reed, Craig Pedersen, Tierney 
Sutton, Champian Fulton, Nate Wooley, Myra Melford, Raya Brass Band, 
Billy Hart, Patrick Cornelius. Not bad, eh?

New Members: Thank you very much to Patrick McCurry, Adam Starr, Philip 
Nelson, Ron Weinstock and John Mason for joining the show!

The Jazz Session Needs You: The show really needs your support. Please 
become a member of The Jazz Session for as little as $10/month.

Membership Bonus: The next two people who join at the middle or top 
level (yearly or monthly) will receive guitarist Anthony Wilson's new 
DVD/CD set Seasons. http://thejazzsession.com/join

Widget: The Jazz Session has a widget (created by All About Jazz) to 
display the latest episode of the show on any blog or other web site. 
Get it: http://bit.ly/o4LjvZ

Peace, love and jazz,



TJS #350: Jimmy Heath. The Jazz Session celebrates its fifth anniversary 
with one of the giants of the music, saxophonist and composer Jimmy 
Heath. In this interview, Heath talks about his early days as a writer 
and arranger; his Queens neighborhood and its importance to jazz 
history; why he loves the sound of a big band; and how he keeps himself 
moving forward and growing at this stage in his career. He also shares a 
fax of a 1947 concert poster, received the morning of the interview, 
with some hilarious text. LISTEN: http://bit.ly/yomlky

TJS #351: Ochion Jewell. Composer Darcy James Argue’s latest work is a 
multimedia piece called Brooklyn Babylon. In this interview, he tells 
the amazing story of how he and visual artist Danijel Zezelj created the 
piece; goes behind the scenes of the composition and the technical 
aspects of producing such a large work; and also talks about a 
performance on March 9, 2012 at which his band Secret Society will play 
his works and the works of other composers. LISTEN: http://bit.ly/xqikjf


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