[JPL] RE: Promoters & Reporters: Spinitron & web playlist

Arturo Gomez arturo at kuvo.org
Mon Mar 5 17:11:33 EST 2012


You might recall that last week I posted an inquiry about Spinitron to no avail, however I signed up for a 30 day trial, it looks promising. I am the only one posting on Spinitron but the lists should be off line until we decide to enroll or ignore at the end of our trial

We have the same on line playlist as KCSM, it's the former Public Interactive now NPR Digital services, all of our hosts post their playlists on it and I use several times a day to answer listeners inquiries or do research on it. Here's the major drawback for the playlist, unless you have administrative access you're limited to the past 30 days of searching. Also, it would take several hours every week to take 40 to 50 new releases and enter their names in the artist field to see how many spins have been played, then to be accurate you have to subtract the spins by the artist/group that are not from the current album being charted

It appears that Spinitron maybe the best, I have to let the trial run its course and then see the results

Arturo Gómez
Music Director
The Oasis In The City, The Front Range and the High Country!

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