[JPL] How WEMU copes with spin counts

Linda Yohn lyohn at emich.edu
Tue Mar 6 18:54:49 EST 2012

Hello friends, 

As WEMU was monitored by Mediaguide for only a brief moment, we have been tracking our spin counts internally for ages. 

When I approve a disc for airplay, I send out a review to the music staff with complete details: WEMU library number - Artist/Group - Recording Title - Label or website. An assistant then enters this information in to an Excel spread sheet. I also make sure that I indicate which category a recording might fall in to: jazz, blues, Latin/world, roots/Americana and if it is an historical recording. On Monday morning we review the previous week's playlists and tally up all the spin counts. It takes my assistant about four hours to create the reports. 

Some reps will deal with the reports. Others will want us to fill out individual spin counts and status' on their forms. Whatever it takes, we'll do it. 

In fact, we're already submitting spin counts online to Roots Music Report for blues and Americana play. 

For WEMU, the extra work and details are worth it. We have service worthy of a major market even though our official market is Ann Arbor. 

We will get through this. We thank Ed for his patience and professional approach in this wrinkle in our world. We thank everyone for adapting and coping. That's what jazz teaches us - to improvise. 


Linda Yohn 
WEMU Music Director 
lyohn at emich.edu 

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