[JPL] Request on phone calls, etc.

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Thu Mar 8 21:45:30 EST 2012

It seems like that saying "no good deed goes unpunished" here.  As is  my 
usual, I am going to "leave you be" because I know what you are doing for us  
is absolutely out of love for the music and not something that is  
profitable.  And, thank you so much for everything you have done and are  trying to 
Thanks so much!
Lisa  Reedy
Lisa Reedy Promotions
_www.jazzpromotion.com_ (http://www.jazzpromotion.com/) 
reedylm at aol.com   

In a message dated 3/8/2012 5:27:31 P.M. Pacific Standard Time,  
ed.trefzger at jazzweek.com writes:

Hi  everyone,

I know you've all got a lot of questions and so forth, but my  time to take 
and return phone calls is very limited. The day after Mediaguide  announced 
its shutdown, I started a six-month, 20-to-25 hour a week contract.  I also 
have calling hours between 2 and 4 ET Tuesday and Thursday but that  seems 
to be the only time I don't get calls. I really need as much time as  
possible to get things ready for taking reports and getting the chart  running.

So, if you can make the contact by email, please do. I can get  to those a 
lot easier than phone interruptions.

Please also understand  that the situation with Mediaguide is not my doing 
and I'm not inclined to  look kindly on anger directed at me over the 
situation. It is not helping.  



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