[JPL] PLAYLIST: The next Jazz America on VOA (Chick's THE CONTINENTS!)

Russ Davis davispro at nyc.rr.com
Mon Mar 12 00:19:44 EDT 2012

*Following is the log for the next JAZZ AMERICA program from the Voice of America, heard by a potental audience of 134 million listeners each weekend on the entertainment service MusicMix, and on the worldwide VOA service via shortwave transmission. 
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Jazz America with Russ Davis

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JAZZ AMERICA...SHOW #1323...17-18 MARCH 2012

MILES DAVIS.…the pan piper (sketches of spain)

ESPERANZA SPALDING…jazz ain’t nothin’ but soul  (radio music society)

* Chick Corea Interview

CHICK COREA…antarctica (the continents)

DIANA KRALL…the look of love (the look of love)

RUSSELL GUNN…variations on a conspiracy theory (ethnomusicology vol. 3)

* Chick Corea Interview

CHICK COREA…asia (the continents)

YELLOWJACKETS…runferyerlife (run for your life)

MODERN JAZZ QUARTET…the jasmin tree (under the jasmin tree)


JAZZ AMERICA...SHOW #1324...17-18 MARCH 2012

ESPERANZA SPALDING…I can’t help it (radio music society)

JOE DENINZON & STRATOSPHEERIUS…contusion (the adventures of stratospheerius)

* Chick Corea Interview

CHICK COREA…america (the continents)

BUD POWELL…un poco loco (1951)

LARRY CORYELL…zimbabwe  (the coryells)

* Chick Corea Interview

CHICK COREA…africa (the continents)

AL DI MEOLA…red moon (consequence of chaos)


Next Week…SHOWS #1325-1326...24-25 MARCH 2012


Join Russ Davis as he talks to one of the rising stars in modern jazz keyboards, Erik Deutsch.

We’ll hear his story and music from this great work titled “Demonio Teclado.”


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