[JPL] RE: Nazi rules for jazz performers

Arturo Gomez arturo at kuvo.org
Mon Mar 12 12:29:02 EDT 2012

Bobby Jax wrote <<<  So tell me,  Why is Jazz Struggling to stay on the airwaves today?  >>>

I am in total agreement with this remark. Moreover, I participated in a webinar last week about NPR's Public Radio Music Month which began with the sharing  of several vital statistics involving the importance and success of music on public radio, both traditionally and currently. I found it be paradoxical because either the data shared is being ignored or is erroneous because the trend of both NPR and public radio is to move away from music.

April is Public Radio Music Month, Friday April 13th will again be National Jazz Day, naturally April is also Jazz Appreciation Month.

More info:  www.publicradiomusicmonth.org<http://www.publicradiomusicmonth.org>

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