[JPL] Nazi rules for jazz performers

John Simna jsimna at wclv.com
Mon Mar 12 12:54:20 EDT 2012

This reminds me of a book, written by Frederick Starr, former preisdent of
Oberlin College.  Aside from his academic interests in that region of the
world, he is also a clarinetist who, at least at that time, maintained a
traditional jazz group, the Lousiana Jazz Repertory Ensemble, specializing
in early jazz.  He produced a quite scholarly book examining jazz in the
Soviet Union:  

Red and Hot. The Fate of Jazz in the Soviet Union 1917-1980, Oxford
University Press, New York/Oford 1983 ISBN 0-19-503163-6.

John Simna
jsimna at wclv.com

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