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Soulandjazz.com Presents:
Continuum – A Journey Through Jazz
Episode 76: "New Jazz Grooves 2012"

Welcome back to another journey through the Jazz Continuum – and you’ll be happy to see that I’ve finally joined the rest of you in the new year. One fourth of 2012 has almost passed (believe it or not) and I have yet to play anything that’s come out since the ball dropped in Time’s Square.

Here it is - free, legal & CD quality: http://tinyurl.com/Continuum76

It has taken a couple of months to amass enough new music to fill an entire show – but several things have just been released (or are about to be released) that I can’t wait for you to hear!

Incognito has a new album coming out – so they open the show with something new, yet in Bluey’s style which is as comfortable as a warm cup of chocolate on a cold day . . . there is also a welcome return from N’Dea Davenport who is back on a new project by French Producer Dilouya . . . Martin Denev brings the “Bamness” with with a host of friends . . . Jeff Lorber has something excitingly new while drawing from his old days of funk & fusion . . . Bassist Khari Cabral has released his project internationally, and though I featured it last year, a new track will be spun on this show for the first time . . . Snarky Puppy’s new album is hot, and herein is a New Orleans style jam featuring John Ellis & Jason Marsalis . . . Sunlightsquare offers a funky new instrumental remix . . . Kirk Whalum shows us the new sound of smooth . . . Neil Cowley Trio?s new release sounds like a cinematic soundtrack for a movie yet to be written . . . Swiss jazz pianist Marc Perrenoud and his Trio give us a new sound of Gospel . . . and we end with something brilliant and brand new from Esperanza Spalding.

That should do it. Need I say more?

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Agape ya’ll,
J. Scott Fugate, ?The Jazz Evangelist?


PLAYLIST: Continuum ??? A Journey Through Jazz #76: "New Jazz Grooves 2012"

Artist ? Track ? Album ? Year

Incognito - Rivers on The Sun - Surreal (Promo ? March 26/27 UK/US) - 2012
Dilouya (feat. N’Dea Davenport) - Right Time - Dilouya’s Faithful Circus - 2012
Martin Denev (feat. Vassil Voutev & Soulization) - Turn Of Events - Bamness (Martin Denev Meets Colonel Red & Other Survivors) - 2012
Jeff Lorber Fusion - Galaxy - Galaxy - 2012
Khari Cabral - The Dove - Clementine Sun - 2012
Snarky Puppy (feat. John Ellis & Jason Marsalis) - Quarter Master - GroundUP (Promo – March 27) - 2012
Sunlightsquare - Heaven Only Knows (Mustafa Jazzy Groove Remix Inst.) - Heaven Only Knows (Remixes) - 2012
Kirk Whalum - I Wanna Know - Romance Language - 2012
Dilouya - The Dandelion Theme - Dilouya’s Faithful Circus - 2012
Neil Cowley Trio - Rooster Was A Witness - The Face of Mount Molehill - 2012
Marc Perrenoud Trio - Gospel - Two Lost Churches - 2012
Esperanza Spalding - Radio Song - Radio Music Society (Promo – US – Mar. 20/UK – Apr. 2) - 2012

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