[JPL] 2012 JAM poster choice

Doug Crane dcrane at comcast.net
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I can't see the poster from work as our IT folks are pretty brutal about what they firewall.  However... 

If I were to have chosen a white male vocalist with some degree of popularity AND had his feet firmly planted in jazz for the poster, I would have chosen Mel Torme. 

I'd be curious to know the names of the other artists in consideration for the poster. 

Frank Sinatra was a very good singer but I question how much he added to the jazz lexicon.  There's no doubt he contributed much to the art of the American songbook with the help of Nelson Riddle, Billy May and others.   Sinatra was a great interpreter but would anyone consider him to be a master of improvisation? 

At least the Smithsonian didn't choose Glenn Miller.  That'll probably happen in 2013! 

Has SuperPac money begun to infect the Smithsonian nomination process? 

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Nice poster but doesn't it kind of place jazz as a museum piece a bit? 

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