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This list viewed in its complete body of work tells me that it doesn't embrace the new in jazz.  Why not Esperanza Spaulding this year?  She has certainly broken through.  Why not Terence Blanchard and all of the successes he's had with scoring movies.  Why not Return To Forever?  Why not Herbie Hancock or Wayne Shorter?  Who are the people making the decisions for these choices.  I think if you look at their profile it will tell the story of why these artists are selected.  I don't think they represent people in the here and now....  I first posted I could go along with the Sinatra pick based on what he meant to the culture as a whole but I reject my first notion based on Arturo's very revealing post.  Thanks Arturo....

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On Mar 14, 2012, at 10:17 AM, Arturo Gomez wrote:

> This is the 10th Anniversary of Jazz Appreciation Month. Here are the previous artists chosen for the poster
> 2012-Frank Sinatra
> 2011-Mary Lou Williams
> 2010-Dave Brubeck
> 2009-Benny Goodman
> 2008-Ella Fitzgerald
> 2007-Louis Armstrong
> 2006-Duke Ellington
> 2005-Tito Puente
> 2004-Artie Shaw
> 2003-Billie Holiday
> 2002-Dizzy Gillespie
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