[JPL] 2012 JAM poster choice

EdBride at aol.com EdBride at aol.com
Wed Mar 14 11:04:30 EDT 2012

This whole thing would be solved if the Smithy decided not to  use 
identifiable jazz people, but instead use iconic poses. You know: most  jazzers can 
recognize Mingus at his instrument without even seeing his face. So,  the 
painting could be faceless, or at least "representative." Ditto Tatum, ditto  
Cat Anderson. That is, the viewer doesn't have to say "I think that's Cat  
Anderson, the guy from Ellington." But from a distance, the painting shouts 
(or  should I say "screeches") "Jazz."
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ftapache1 at sbcglobal.net writes:

We can  conjecture about who we think should've filled that mantle this 
year but IMO  Sinatra is not a bad  choice....

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