[JPL] Past JAM poster artists

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Wed Mar 14 12:11:18 EDT 2012

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tr at wfcr.org writes:

<<..There were 42 students in total, and not a single one had  
ever heard of DUKE ELLINGTON.  Some of these kids had played in high  
school jazz ensembles.  How is this  possible?..>>

Malpractice on the part of the directors. They played in a jazz ensemble  
and never performed anything by Duke? Yikes, you're right, shocking and  
JAM is supposed to make occurrences like this less likely. Clearly not  
achieving that part of its mission; it may (or may not) be making the  
already-appreciating more appreciative, makes the Smithy and Congress feel  good.

<<..I know I should know better by now, but I still find  cultural 
of this kind shocking and  demoralizing..>>


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