[JPL] Past JAM poster artists

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Wed Mar 14 12:14:05 EDT 2012

By the way, here in Pittsfield (Mass.), we hold a student art contest  
every spring. All high schools in the city --public and private-- participate.  
The theme is jazz, and the students have a lot of freedom to express 
themselves.  The winning entry becomes the symbol for the Pittsfield CityJazz 
Festival, and  appears on our posters, the Festival's website, and print and 
online  advertising. The art teachers are enthusiastically behind this, and even 
play  jazz in the classroom to inspire the student artists, give them ideas.

Maybe there is hope,
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tr at wfcr.org writes:

There  were 42 students in total, and not a single one had 
ever heard of DUKE  ELLINGTON.  Some of these kids had played in high 
school jazz  ensembles.  How is this possible?

I know I should know better by  now, but I still find cultural illiteracy 
of this kind shocking and  demoralizing.

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