[JPL] Past JAM poster artists

Maurice Hogue onemansjazz at shaw.ca
Wed Mar 14 12:53:49 EDT 2012

I think Tom's post hits home. Does Jazz Appreciation Month
make any difference to the people who don't know, don't
care about jazz?  Not that that can't change, but for most
of the great unwashed a poster that just said "April Is Jazz
Appreciation Month"  would likely have the same  effect
as an art poster with an "icon".

Is JAM all about preservation?  Or is it about educating and


At 11:14 AM 3/14/2012 -0400, you wrote:

>I've been woefully ignorant of JAM since its inception.  Thanks for the 
>lowdown on its previous icons.
>Does JAM make a damn bit of difference?  I lectured to two music 
>appreciation classes at a private liberal arts college in New England 
>yesterday.  There were 42 students in total, and not a single one had ever 
>heard of DUKE ELLINGTON.  Some of these kids had played in high school 
>jazz ensembles.  How is this possible?
>I know I should know better by now, but I still find cultural illiteracy 
>of this kind shocking and demoralizing.

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