[JPL] Ignorance about Jackie Robinson

EdBride at aol.com EdBride at aol.com
Thu Mar 15 10:57:51 EDT 2012

Understood, but when I was 40 (and probably you, as well) I had  personal 
memories of Jackie Robinson. Therefore, the occasional return of him to  the 
news registered with me, as did his demise, and certainly on the Ken Burns  
It's too bad that more coaches don't follow your example. I love that idea  
of Brain Baseball. Not all is lost: I have a nephew who was probably 8 
years old  when Ted Williams died, and he was heart-broken. His dad taught him 
You're right-on about music teachers dropping the ball (great mixed  
metaphor, too!),
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arturo at kuvo.org writes:

I played  organized baseball from Little League to Babe Ruth League and 
beyond, as I  played in adult baseball(not softball) leagues well into my 30s. 
The   coaches and managers I had always talked about baseball history, being 
raised  in Pasadena-Jackie Robinson's home town, he was often cited and we 
even had  Mack Robinson-Jackie's Olympian brother giving us talks. In my 
40s, I became a  coach and teaching baseball history was a part of the program, 
whenever it  rained we conducted Brain Baseball, strictly talking about 
baseball's past  along with situations strategy

If music instructors are not teaching  history as part of the curriculum, 
they are dropping the ball. As mentioned  previously, it's all about  

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