[JPL] Ignorance about Jackie Robinson

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Love the song forgot the title. Did you see Jackie Robinson hit that ball?He hit it cleared the left field wall. He stole home. 
Something like that. 
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> Ed wrote <<< Although there might be exceptions, I wouldn't normally expect a coach  to
> teach baseball history to the athletes. So, it doesn't shock  me that
> today's 20-something baseball players, regardless of black, white,  yellow, red,
> blue or whatever, didn't know about JR. >>>>
> Baseball is the sport most engulfed in its history, its past glory, players, stories, stats are more important to it than any other sport. Baseball is part of the cultural fiber of the US, regardless of one being a fan or not. The US English language abounds with common words and expressions that are rooted in baseball. No wonder Ken Burns chose baseball along with jazz  and the Civil War to produce his US history mini-series.
> I played organized baseball from Little League to Babe Ruth League and beyond, as I played in adult baseball(not softball) leagues well into my 30s. The  coaches and managers I had always talked about baseball history, being raised in Pasadena-Jackie Robinson's home town, he was often cited and we even had Mack Robinson-Jackie's Olympian brother giving us talks. In my 40s, I became a coach and teaching baseball history was a part of the program, whenever it rained we conducted Brain Baseball, strictly talking about baseball's past along with situations strategy
> If music instructors are not teaching history as part of the curriculum, they are dropping the ball. As mentioned previously, it's all about exposure!
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