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Russ Davis davispro at nyc.rr.com
Sun Mar 18 21:50:49 EDT 2012

*Following is the log for the next JAZZ AMERICA program from the Voice of America, heard by a potental audience of 134 million listeners each weekend on the entertainment service MusicMix, and on the worldwide VOA service via shortwave transmission. 
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Jazz America with Russ Davis

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JAZZ AMERICA...SHOW #1325...24-25 MARCH 2012

DUKE ELLINGTON.…perdido (live @ the 1959 newport jazz festivl)


* Erik Deutsch Interview

ERIK DEUTSCH…funky digits (demonio teclado)

JAMES MOODY…the jazz twist (live @ the jazz workshop, san francisco)

MATS OBERG TRIO…hermeto’s cheese (so very mats)

MARIAN McPARTLAND…doozy (plays the benny carter songbook)

* Erik Deutsch Interview

ERIK DEUTSCH…future burger (demonio teclado)

WYNTON MARSALIS & J at LC ORCHESTRA…tijuana gift shop (don’t be afraid…)

HUBERT LAWS…moments notice (in the beginning)


JAZZ AMERICA...SHOW #1326...24-25 MARCH 2012

DR. BILLY TAYLOR…local color/can you dig it? (urban griot)

JASON MORAN…snake stance (soundtrack to human emotion)

* Erik Deutsch Interview

ERIK DEUTSCH…getting nasty (demonio teclado)

GEORGE BENSON…body talk (body talk)

GIGI…zomaye (gigi)

HERBIE HANCOCK…riot (speak like a child)

* Erik Deutsch Interview

ERIK DEUTSCH…sleep talkin’ (demonio teclado)

JOHN McLAUGHLIN & GARY HUSBAND…sulley (dirty & beautiful vol. 2)


Next Week…SHOWS #1327-1328...31 MARCH-1 APRIL 2012


Join Russ Davis as he takes you backstage to the New York club The Jazz Standard to talk

to the great vocalist, composer, bandleader and multi-talented instrumentalist. We’ll hear

her story and music from her great, new work titled “Changes.”

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