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Larry, fair enough but I'm going to now disagree with you...For starters, I don't look at this article as being some sort of metric in determining what's wrong with jazz. The writer is offering HIS observations based on his experiences in how he sees people reacting to instrumental music. I have wittnessed the same circumstances...many times actually. For me these are interesting observations...put into laymans terms and IMO it's simply another way to look at a pervasive problem. I have my own reasons why people struggle with jazz and the writer tapped into a few from the surface...from a simplistic viewpoint. I personally think taking into consideration some of these thoughts can be a great tool for helping non musicians or jazz educators and basic listeners in giving them better point of departure in understanding why they struggle with jazz...if of course they're interested in learning about the music in the first place. 
Jae Sinnett

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sorry to disagree, Jae. i find the entire piece to be a weak, unsupported, less than persuasive argument. it's laughably naive to make broad swath assertions about entire musical cultures based on such flimsy evidence. 

> Eric...I found this to be a very interesting article. Intriguing points...particularly how non english speaking people interpret english speaking music. It becomes instrumental to them which helps to condition ears to instrumental music. Thanks for sharing this. 
> Jae Sinnett 
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> Why Americans Don’t Like Jazz  -    Dyske Suematsu  •  September 17, 2003
> The current market share of Jazz in America is mere 3 percent. That
> includes all the great ones like John Coltrane and the terrible ones
> like Kenny G (OK, this is just my own opinion). There are many
> organizations and individuals like Wynton Marsalis who are tirelessly
> trying to revive the genre, but it does not seem to be working. Why is
> this? Is there some sort of bad chemistry between the American culture
> and Jazz? As ironic as it may be, I happen to believe so.
> Read the full article at http://dyske.com/paper/778
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