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MARCH 9, 2012

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This week on The Jazz Session:

TJS #356: Champian Fulton. Pianist and vocalist Champian Fulton’s latest 
CD is The Breeze And I. In this interview, Fulton talks about the bebop 
record she listened to exclusively for months (starting the day she was 
born); her father’s influence and how his friendship with Clark Terry 
shaped her life; and her transition from student to working musician. 
LISTEN: http://bit.ly/FQ23JG

TJS #357: Nate Wooley. Trumpeter Nate Wooley’s recent albums include the 
solo records The Almond and 8 Syllables and the quintet recording (Put 
Your) Hands Together. In this interview, Wooley talks about putting 100 
trumpets on one solo (!) recording; why he was surprised when one of his 
albums made him feel good at the end; how he started playing solo 
trumpet; and how the death of his grandmother led to his recent quintet 
album. LISTEN: http://bit.ly/GGRVF5

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