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John Zorn, Hazor (Masada - The Circle Maker) 1998
Pete Zimmer, The Three Petes (Prime Of Life) 2011
Darius Jones Quartet, You Have Me Seeing Red (Book Of Mæ'bul [Another Kind
Of Sunrise]) 2012
Phillip Johnston's Big Trouble, Pontius Pilate Polka (Flood At The Ant
Farm) 1996
Radiohead, Fitter Happier (OK Computer) 2003
Brad Mehldau Trio, title (Ode) 2012

John Brown, You Don't Know What Love Is (Quiet Time) 2012
Kevin Kizer Quintet, Independence Day (Aspects) 2011
Joel Harrison-Lorenzo Feliciati-Cuong Vu-Roy Powell-Dan Weiss, That Evening
(Holy Abyss) 2012
Ahmad Jamal, title (Blue Moon) 2012

Craig Taborn, St. Ranglehold (Light Made Lighter)
Dr. Michael White, Haitian Celebration: Rara Second Line / Haiti Cherie
(Adventures in New Orleans Jazz Part 1) 2011
Alfredo Rodriguez, Silence (Sounds of Space) 2012
Billy Hart-Ethan Iverson-Mark Turner-Ben Street, Duchess (All Our Reasons)
Vijay Iyer Trio, Vijay Iyer, Stephan Crump & Marcus Gilmore, Little Pocket
Size Demons (Accelerando) 2012

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