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March 29, 2012

Hello friends!

Hire Me: Anyone want to hire a charming, low-maintenance podcaster with 
good communications skills? I know one. Here's his resume: 
http://bit.ly/xX1CtF [PDF]

Nellie McKay review: I went to see a very subversive show last week 
featuring singer/songwriter Nellie McKay using mostly Tin Pan Alley 
music to tell the life story of environmentalist Rachel Carson. Here's 
my review: http://bit.ly/GQG37T

Concert Note: Raya Brass Band (see show #359) is performing at a 
fundraiser in NYC on 3/31/12 called the Balkan Shout Out. The event 
starts at 8 p.m. at the Ukrainian National Home, 140 2nd Ave in 
Manhattan. They're also on tour in April. Visit 
http://www.rayabrassband.com/calendar/ for more information.

The Jazz Session Needs You: The show really needs your support. Please 
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http://thejazzsession.com/join. The next two people who join at the 
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An Open Letter To This American Life: You may be familiar with the TAL 
episode featuring Mike Daisey's report on the labor abuses by Apple's 
suppliers in China. TAL subsequently retracted that episode, and their 
retraction was sadly anti-worker. My friends and I wrote an open letter 
to This American Life, which you can read here: http://bit.ly/FPRKem

Peace, love and jazz,



TJS #358: Billy Hart. Drummer Billy Hart’s new CD is All Our Reasons 
(ECM, 2012). In this interview, Hart talks about the “European sound” of 
this band; what he looks for in bandmates and why this band fits his 
needs so well; and what he believes powered Coltrane’s musical 
explorations. LISTEN: http://bit.ly/GMEMe9

TJS #359: Raya Brass Band. Raya Brass Band's new CD is Dancing On Roses, 
Dancing On Cinders (2012). In this interview, four of the five members 
of the band discuss its origins; the rhythmic underpinnings of Balkan 
music; the uses of improvisation in their performances; and how a movie 
caused one of the members of the band to quit his job and take up the 
accordion. LISTEN: http://bit.ly/GZiSYY


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